How to choose the Right Salon and the Right Nail Technician

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How to choose the Right Salon and the Right Nail Technician is a great question.Visiting a cosmetic salon to enhance your overall appearance is a great choice. These days there are a lot of salons that provide beauty services and many of them stick to the cleanliness criteria provided by INTA/NMC. Here is a list of criteria that can help you to choose the right salon and the right Nail technician.

It is recommended to leave the beauty salon if you notice the next violations.
  • Salon that does not look clean in general, with any hair or nail clippings, dust or debris on the floor, drawers, tables, or other furniture.
    • Salon is using dusty or dirty nail files, buffers and other tools.
    • Salon is using products from unlabeled or unmarked containers.
    • Salon stores nail files and other tools in a dirty drawer or container.
    • Salon is using nail files or other tools are stored in dirty or contaminated- looking solution. Note: Some solutions are not transparent but are not necessarily “dirty”. If uncertain, ask.
    • Salon does not cover or place lid on disinfection containers.
    • Restrooms are dirty or unkempt, lack liquid soap and clean towels.
    • Nail technicians are using razors on clients feet to remove a callous or thick skin.
    • Salon is providing services to clients with infected fingers, nails, toenails or feet.

Be wary of nail technicians or salon service providers who:

  • Do not ask you to wash your hands or wash your feet before performing any nail or pedicure service.
    • Do not wash their own hands before performing a nail or pedicure service.
    • Provide services that are painful or damages your skin or nails.
    • Cannot explain how they clean and disinfect their nail files, clippers, bits, and tools when asked.
    • Cannot explain how they clean and disinfect foot spas when asked.
    • Do not have a logbook indicating when pedicure foot spas were cleaned and disinfected.
    • Use an implement or other object to forcibly remove or “pry off” artificial nails.
    • Do not provide each client with a clean and disinfected nailbrush for scrubbing underneath nails.
    • Do not use a clean, freshly laundered or disposable towel.
    • Will not show you a current license when you ask to see it.
    • Say they are too busy to properly clean and disinfect their tools.
    • Stick their fingers directly into jars or containers.
    • Do not discuss concerns, ask questions and/or complete consultation before performing services.

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The list is provided by International Nail Technician Association INTA

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