Do I need to cleanse my Brushes?

Great makeup requires the use of the right tools. Because of that we have to maintain our makeup tools and to ensure that they are clean and usable.

We have to be aware that shared brushes and applicators can transfer bacteria from one person’s skin to another. Regular cleansing is therefore important. For brushes used to apply powder, foundation, blushes or eye shadows, wipe the surface with a tissue immediately after use. Brushes should be replaced after 3- 5 years of use or earlier if necessary, whereas sponges should be replaced once a month or every second month. Mascara should be replaced after 3 months and lipsticks every year. If you are using a liner brush to apply liquid gel or glitter liners, then you can consider the use of disposable applicators. The same goes for lip brushes and mascara wands. If you do not have disposable applicators for lipstick or liquid eye liners but have brushes instead, then you must sanitize these brushes after every use.

Within this period of use it is very important to clean and sanitize these tools effectively.

Always stock your makeup kit with a top quality brush cleanser. These cleansers remove residual makeup from the brush and also get rid of the bacteria and germs on it. Spray brush cleanser on the used brushes and leave for a while until the cleaner is absorbed fully. Wipe off with a tissue. It is also important to periodically wash brushes with shampoo and conditioner and rinse thoroughly. Let the brushes dry off by laying them out flat with the heads hanging down so that they can dry quickly and effectively.

No matter how much you clean your skin, using dirty brushes or sponges to apply makeup exposes your skin to irritants several times a day.

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