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Artificial Nails Artificial Nails

Artificial nails could be a perfect solution for a lot of happenings through your life. If you like to replace your broken nail artificial nails are the best alternative. Even if you don’t have a broken nails issue you can try a many designs and be unique at the party or at work. What’s more, they are there – right away. Additionally, they can be applied at home and with a little imagination, they can show up totally natural and beautiful.

Artificial Nails:Tips

Applying artificial nails it is not a big philosophy you can do this at home using a nail enhancement kit, or you can leave that to be done by some professional at a salon. If you decide to apply an artificial nails at home, you may need to know few things.

-Before the start, your natural nails should be clean and dry. Prepare your nails with shaping them so they can be ready.
-Artificial nail size should be right for each finger, pick the artificial nails with right size and then if needed file the edges.
-Presently spread a light layer of nail adhesive over the entire zone of your common nail that will be in contact with the artificial nail.
– Place the artificial nail such that it is near to, however not touching, the fingernail skin. At that point apply a light weight to the top for a brief time to permit the adhesive to take hold and set.
– Now when your are nails set in place, there might be some uneven edges to be file off.
– Put two coats of nail lacquer of the color you require, and then finish off with a layer of topcoat to seal it.

Wear your artificial nails for a few weeks. After that leave your natural nails free so they can rejuvenate.Then remove them and give your natural nails a chance to breathe and refresh their growth. Don’t try to apply artificial nails with typical glue as you can cause damage to your nails.Use a no-acetone polish remover to take out artificial nails. Dip them into the remover till they soften and depart. The surface of the nails can also be damaged if you use acetone and other cosmetics with acetone base.
Never, ever try to remove artificial nails with force or to peel without soaking them first in to polish remover.

These are simple rules in the world of nails. Stick to them to avoid any trouble and get the best results.
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