Tips for a better life

This post is not about something we do not know, but something we have forgotten. We are less and less active, we think that fast meals are tasty and we become too friendly with tobacco. Follow these tips for a better life.

Be physically active

Physical activity can significantly improve your health and make you look better. Besides improving your health condition, can reduce the chances for long-standing disease. You will feel better even if you spend 20 minutes for exercises. To feel the benefits, you do not have to spend hours in the gym for example; walking in the park, swimming, driving a bicycle can also be in favor of your health and your look. So if you think those 20 minutes are not enough for you, start visiting a gym.

Better diet

Better diet, better life. Many studies had shown that the quality of diet is connected with the quality of our life. We are aware that fast meals brought a lot of health problems to human kind. To avoid all health issues as; heart disease, cancer, blood pressure and etc. we have to switch to a better diet. A diet that contains fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and cold oil are full with antioxidants. Antioxidants are the best fighters against free radicals. By consuming healthy food, our body will get the deserved treatment and the result will be a better and happier life.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes many health problems like; heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hip fractures, cataracts and Cancer. Even smokers are aware of smoking’s negative effect the number of thousand dead per year doesn’t seem seriously for them. Indeed, smokers have the highest risk of lung cancer and risk of cardiac difficulties.
Another fact that persons who smoke should consider is passive smoking. Passive smoking can cause same health problems as smoking. Passive smokers are persons that are not smoking, but they breathe the smoke from tobacco. They are our friends, children, person we love, people around us.
So, quit smoking and make yourself and people around happy and healthy.

Drink water

I know everyone drinks water. Water is important for our body. Water is present in our body weight to about 60 percent. So there is a balance between the body and the water in it. If we breach that balance it result with possible lack of nutrients to the cells and contamination of vital organs from toxins, because water flush toxins out. Consumption of natural juices, milk, beer, coffee is also important and can be considered as a substitute for fresh water.

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