Hair is from a technical perspective element of our skin, although like nails and toe nails, it grows and divides from the skin. The normal head has about 100,000 follicles, and your overall body has all over 5 million follicles. The majority of the sophisticated action that maintains hair growing continues under the surface.
It grows about 1/2 inch per month (even though it definitely appears like much more when you want a haircut!) and actually reaches a size of 11/2 to 3 ft just before growth stops and the hair falls out.

Why do we have hair?

Hair is not just an attractive cover. It provides numerous biological features and also covers the majority of your body. Her functions is more than attractive design that we are all obsessed. It helps to protect your head. It helps to keep the cold out during the cold months and cool during the summer time.It protects you from burning from the sun. It has nerve endings that provide a scalp massage feel great, yet inform you each time a insect has arrived on your arm to attack you.
Today, hair is a thing of an status symbol; you’ll find a large number of goods dedicated to hair care. Media gives the look that the full head of magnificent hair is normal, suggesting that those people who are losing it are in some way abnormal.
Hair is also used as a way of personal expression, a way to say who you really are.




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