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flyaway hair

What is a Flyaway hair?

Another interesting phenomenon of hair is its electric properties or flyaway hair. Flyaway hair is basically a result of static electricity. How often have you cursed below your breath in the way your hair in some cases has a tendency to stick up all over the place-one hair seeming to avoid the one close to it.

You may also have noticed a gentle ‘sparking’ once you have touched your hair, so you would certainly at one time or another have seen that the hair is attracted to your hair comb or brush by rising like a magnet. An additional awesome property of hair is its insulation possibilities. Its  electric and insulation resistance is not too far from that of asbestos fiber (when it was used for this purpose). Hair is tribo-electric, i.e. it produces electricity by massaging or rubbing.

By doing this it might accumulate electricity in a period of time and at some point flies away-one from another. How much charge the hair creates will depend on  the hair’s hygiene. When it is unclean or covered with oils , the friction and so the tribo-electric  outcomes are minimized. Also, the moisture content impact on tribo-electricity: the damper the hair or higher moisture it has, the lower the resistance and the less the flyaway hair. The less wet weather conditions plus the higher you are-in the hills for example-the higher the resistance and the ‘crackling’ greater.

The easiest way to minimize ‘static hair’ is to make it clean and use a moisturizing hair product that sticks to the hair base, so minimizing friction between hairs and then the build-up of electricity. Leave-in hair conditioners might be ideal for this.

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