Combs and brushes

Generally speaking, it is better to use a comb rather than a brush, as it’s a lot harder to comb your hair vigorously and therefore your movements tend to be gentler. If you use a brush, be careful when choosing it.

Many are complaining of hair loss and a sore scalp because of brushes that have bristles with tiny metal prongs in the center of each tuft. They may look very attractive but unfortunately careless use will result scalp full of scratches.
Strong brushing weakens the hair by removing some of the hair’s cuticle– the outer cell layer. It breaks it off and, by constant traction, pulls the hair out. Furthermore, sharp points remove the top layer of skin. you need to be careful.
Always choose a brush with long, widely spaced, plastic (not natural) bristle, as plastic bristles are gentle and kinder. Natural bristles are rough, many times spiny and are tufted close together.Above all, the worst choice is buying brush with metal prongs. Apart from being gentle to your hair, plastic brushes are friends to your pocket. The price difference is huge. Use your brush gently and do not pull or twist your hair too much.

Same as brushes, difference between one comb and another obvious. You may buy a good one and a bad one. Market is full with particularly and cheap and plastic combs. Metal combs are also bad choice, as their edges can lacerate the hair. But there are saw-cut comb, in which each tooth cut into the comb, making them smoother. Saw-cut are combs made from hard rubber (vulcanite); they are anti-static and easy to clean.

Careful use of good comb to ease out tangles and gentle brush to style the hair will get the best styling result. Also clean your tools on regular basis as combs and brushes are liable to collect dust and dirt.

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