Hair Fall and Hair Breakage Solutions

Hair fall

Hair Fall and Hair Breakage can be very stressful. Hair Fall is a typical condition where hair falls from the roots prompting less and less strands on the scalp. This scenario is caused by many real factors like lack of nutrition, some hormonal imbalance, too much stress, poor sleep, genetic inheritance and factors.

Solution For Hair Fall

A quality food that contains vitamins, minerals and proteins combined with hair care products and treatments, is a good start point to stop your Hair fall.

# To relieve stress, it is best to forget about certain problems that cause the stress. For Example start with any sport activity like swimming, running or drive a bike. Another activity that helps with stress is practicing Yoga and third thing that can help you to relieve stress is sex. These activities will make you forget all the problems and will make positive and happy.
# Using the medicine, dermatologist is recommended. Why? Because they can analyze and determine if there is some hormonal disorder or there are genetic factors that cause the Hair Fall. After defining the problem they can write a plan to treat the hair fall.
# Stop with hair painting, cutting, styling, blow drying and all things. Give your hair a moment to renew.

Hair breakage

Sometime we may think that we have a hair fall but in fact it is a hair breakage. It is a condition of hair caused by similar factors like Hair Fall. Low quality diet and too much painting, drying, styling can break the disulphide bonds in hair, making the hair breakable time to time. In fact hair breakage is caused by actions that whair breakagee do all day and every day.

# Smoking
# Poor nutrition
# Using a very hot bath
# Daily styling and use of hair products
# Wearing your hair in tight pony tails

Solution for Hair Breakage

Try to reduce above mentioned actions.If you don’t leave your home after the bath, why you should use a blow dryer. Try to style your hair with less hair product. Improve your diet and reduce or quit smoking.

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