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Eye makeup Eye makeup

Because eyes are a really sensitive part of the human body, every single kind of makeup you apply on or around them must be of a good quality and tried first. While using the eyeliner pencil, be sure that it’s not very sharp or way too dull. If you do not have an eye pencil sharpener , and have to select from a sharp and a dull pencil, always decide on the dull one. It is because using a really sharp eye pencil is definitely a risk, even professionals with practiced hands, dull them using a tissue or surface before using them. This makes the applying less difficult where the eyeliner is gentle enough to easily glide on.

Also, if possible, discover the concept of liquid eyeliner as these are good options to using a pen. These eyeliners are tender and smooth so they can in no way damage your eyes, should your hand occasionally move or glide. Additionally, these eyeliners have an extra benefit in which they present more variety of metallic tones from which to select from. You need to sharpen your pencils and clean up your brushes right after each use to maintain it clean. In no way use a moist make-up brush, as that would never give the wanted matte appearance you want.

Finally, no matter which eye makeup you decide to buy, you need to be sure that it goes properly with your general skin type. Pencil eyeliners tend to smudge usually on oily skin, so as an alternative, test liquid eyeliners. Gel or cream eyeliners also do the job great on these skin types and stand up just as well on dry and combo skin. Powdered eyeliners are more difficult to use mainly because of their nature and therefore not very good for beginners.

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