It is time for Yoga

It looks impossible, don’t worry. It is an exercise that was practiced for thousands of years in India. The purpose of practicing is to improve health as Yoga practitioners think that the mind and body are one.

Today we are practicing Yoga to feel better, to reduce stress and pain, to become more flexible and sustain health. In reality, it is a dance among our body, mind and our surroundings. Ultimate goal is union between them.
We all think that Yoga is some physical position, yes but this is just part one of the story called postures (asanas) or low-impact physical activity, the second thing that you will learn is pranayama or breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation .
Before you start with Yoga exercise inform your teacher about your physical and mental health because there are several of styles of yoga, ranging from light to tough.

Guidelines for practicing yoga:
-Minimum age 12-15.
– have a drink of water both before and after class.
-be careful with food before class.
-Wear soft stretchy clothing.
– Clothing, water and towels.
– Remove watches, lenses and all accessories that can make you uncomfortable and noisy

Yoga class should last at least 60 minutes in relaxed, worm and quiet environment. Following your teacher is essential to master Yoga techniques and to improve your physical and mental health.
Yoga may be used as an alternative therapy or combining yoga with conventional medicine. It is important to inform your doctor for your plans. Avoiding conventional treatment and rely on any alternative therapy may not be safe for your health.

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