Can Sex Heal you

Sex Can heal you

The only thing that the men and women perfectly agree is sex. It is an act which, besides satisfaction it gives us a dose of healing that we may not know. Many researchers and experts had revealed that sex can affect positive for our health. Here’s what sex life can do for you.

For me, Self-Esteem is the most important. When we have confidence, all the problems are solved. But sometimes our confidence can be undermined. Having a Sex with your beloved person will make you feel better and will improve your Self-Esteem. Sex as an activity that foster a close and loving connection between partners, not only raises self-esteem, but strengthens your overall sense of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

During Sex we are physically and mentally active. Such use of brain and muscle can improve our cardio, physical strength, elasticity. Because Sex have many similarities with some sport activity, we may end that sex is great way of exercise. After half hour sex, 90 calories or more are burned out.

If we want to cut the risk of heart attack, we should have sex twice or more per week. It helps keep estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.
Another benefit is lower blood pressure and stress reduction. Close relationship between partners can calm stress and anxiety. Even hugging and touching can make you well-being.

At the end of the day we all need to sleep. You may fall asleep quickly after sex, and the reason is after orgasm, prolactin is released, which is responsible for our mood. Also release of the oxytocin during orgasm can affect our feelings of relaxation and sleepiness.

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